From the day Melker Stec had his head smashed against his brother’s by an abusive father, he suffered from visual and auditory hallucinations.

But somehow, he managed to achieve a successful career as a Georgia state employee, including as a correctional counselor and governmental analyst. Along the way, he witnessed rampant corruption.

In this memoir, Stec reveals how he overcame so many obstacles only to engage in a crime of passion that resulted in him going from a prison correctional counselor with peace officer status to a wanted man.

While on the run, he worked in influential positions, including with the Georgia Department of Corrections in a specialized position. While the FBI was searching for him, he was right under their noses, traveling to prisons throughout Georgia and meeting with prison authorities.

From battling obsessive-compulsive disorder to evading capture, trying to survive in prison, and navigating life as a free man, Stec shares his inspirational story in Not Our Brother’s Keeper.

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Not Our Brother’s Keeper

Not Our Brother’s Keeper